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Ranma Chan Story: "Never trust a doctor"

Ranma shifted nervously as he sat in the check-up room while wearing only a flimsy paper gown that barely covered anything.

When Doc Tofu had left there had been no one left that he could trust to look into his curse. Cologne might have had the knowledge, but he didn’t quite trust her thanks to all the amazon schemes and the mindset that seemed to have been bred into those same amazons. Happosai didn’t care about anything but groping his girl side so he wasn’t a choice either. As for the rest of the people he knew, none of them had the level of knowledge that he needed.. and even if they did they would all have been out for their own various reasons anyhow.

Then the doc had come back to town for a day to visit all of his former patients and to try and face Kasumi one last time. That had failed, unfortunately, and the doc later confided to me that he was never coming back to Nerima.

Ranma understood the poor guy’s reason, but it sucked for him. He had hoped that Tofu’d come back someday so hadn’t really looked for any other doctor.. he’d never admit to being afraid to anyone but it was highly likely that the new doctor he confided in would see his curse as their ticket to riches and fame. There was no way Ranma was going to let himself be locked up or experimented on just so some stupid doctor can get government funding.

The doc had noticed his expression and questioned him about it. When he had told the doc of his worries Tofu had flushed and said that he should have thought of that himself. Tofu had called a doctor friend of his and had set an appointment up for him that very day. It had been very difficult to make it on time without anyone knowing where he was going, but from the way he was treated by everyone when they found out about his first period he knew that he didn’t want anyone to know that he was seeing a doctor about his girl body.

He sure hoped Tofu wa Continue reading

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Futanari Ranma Story: "Camping 3"

Ranma 1/2: Camping

Third night

Ranma was sleeping in his bag again that night. He was wearing
only his boxers and muscle shirt like normal since, wearing all his
clothes didn’t do him any good anyway. Akane was awake still. She wasn’t
planing on doing anything tonight, but she just couldn’t get to sleep. Her
mind was formulating a plan to amuse herself with Ranma again. The only
problem was that after last night, she wasn’t sure if it would work.
She was worried about Ranma biting again, and if she did what she
was thinking, it would hurt her a hell of a lot more than last time. His
mouth would be at a much more sensitive spot on her body.
Akane decided that the danger was a risk she was willing to take.
She undid her jammies and stripped them off. She proceeded to slide her
panties off her legs so she was totally nude. She stood up and stretched.
She thought. She was now laughing so hard she could
help what happened. She pissed….right into Ranma s mouth.
Ranma started to choke on Akane’s urine. It was not exactly
pleasant. Akane started to laugh again when Ranma couldn’t move because
of her positioning. Ranma tried to spit out as much of the yellow water
as he could, but he still swallowed most of it. Ranma started to make
weird sounds.
Akane stopped laughing when she realized Ranma was choking. She
got off him, and started pounding on his back. He coughed up the Continue reading

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Ranma Chan Story: "Camping 3"

Ranma 1/2: Camping

Fourth night

Akane stayed awake watching while Ranma laid on the spare blanket,
his sleeping bag being pretty smelly and all. She looked over his body.
He was wearing only his boxers and muscle shirt again, which surprised
Akane. She was positive he would be wearing some more clothing since he
didn’t have his sleeping bag to keep him warm. Of course his lack of
extra clothing would make her plans easier.
Akane climbed out of her sleeping bag and double checked
Ranma…He was still sleeping. She took off her pajama’s and panties.
Once naked, she stretched out and posed a bit. As much as she hated to
admit it, she liked being naked. It felt so free.
Akane knelt next to Ranma and pulled his shorts off. Akane
noticed that he wasn’t talking in his sleep, and that he wasn’t aroused.
she thought and pulled his
shirt off over his head.
“Ranma,” She whispered into his ear. “Ranma, it s time again. I
want you.” Akane thought a moment and added. “Ranma, I want you to make
love to me.”
“Well it s about time.” He replied as he opened his eyes and sat
up. Akane was started and cried out as she fell back on her ass. Ranma
got to his hands and knees and crawled over to her. He looked into her
eyes, his lips only two inches from her. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He
said with a smile.
“MMMRRRPHHHPHHPH” Ranma’s lips were on Akane’s as he crawled
forward causing her to fall onto her back. While still holding his lips
to Continue reading

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