Ranma Chan Story: "Camping 3"

Ranma 1/2: Camping

Fourth night

Akane stayed awake watching while Ranma laid on the spare blanket,
his sleeping bag being pretty smelly and all. She looked over his body.
He was wearing only his boxers and muscle shirt again, which surprised
Akane. She was positive he would be wearing some more clothing since he
didn’t have his sleeping bag to keep him warm. Of course his lack of
extra clothing would make her plans easier.
Akane climbed out of her sleeping bag and double checked
Ranma…He was still sleeping. She took off her pajama’s and panties.
Once naked, she stretched out and posed a bit. As much as she hated to
admit it, she liked being naked. It felt so free.
Akane knelt next to Ranma and pulled his shorts off. Akane
noticed that he wasn’t talking in his sleep, and that he wasn’t aroused.
she thought and pulled his
shirt off over his head.
“Ranma,” She whispered into his ear. “Ranma, it s time again. I
want you.” Akane thought a moment and added. “Ranma, I want you to make
love to me.”
“Well it s about time.” He replied as he opened his eyes and sat
up. Akane was started and cried out as she fell back on her ass. Ranma
got to his hands and knees and crawled over to her. He looked into her
eyes, his lips only two inches from her. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He
said with a smile.
“MMMRRRPHHHPHHPH” Ranma’s lips were on Akane’s as he crawled
forward causing her to fall onto her back. While still holding his lips
to hers, he laid his body down so that his body was against hers, but
without putting all his weight on her.
Akane felt incredibly wet between her legs. Her inside was on
fire. She hadn’t been expecting this. Ranma was on the verge of raping
her, except that she wanted him to. She was just too damn horny. His
body was so close and the kiss, the kiss. It was their first real kiss
and it was awesome.
Ranma ended the kiss and sat up. “Well, I think that serves you
right.” He said as he looked at her. He had to admit that he was aroused
by kissing her having his body so close to hers. Not to mention looking
at her well defined figure. He noticed Akane was shaking. She was making
a strange sound too. “Are you all right?” He asked with his voice full of
worry. went through his head.
“Yes, Akane?”
“Make love to me…please make love to me. I need to feel you
inside my body.” Ranma s face displayed an amount of shock that should
have been physically impossible.
“Make love to you?” He just couldn’t believe what she said.
“Yes Ranma, I want you to make love to me. I need you to make
love to me.” She spread her legs apart, leaving her cunt ready for him.
He looked at her and then at her cunt. It was dripping. “Please” She
begged. Ranma looked down and saw that he was aroused…a lot. He
climbed over on top her. His dick was touching her lower set of lips.
“Inside, Ranma. Stick it inside.” Ranma Hesitated.
“I can’t do it Akane. I care about you too much. I don’t want to
harm our relationship.” He said. It sounded corny, but he ment it.
“I care about you too, I…I…I….L..L..ove you Ranma. I want
to make love to you. I ve wanted this for so long.”
“You love me. You actually love me?”
“Yes Ranma. I want us to get married one day.”
“I love you too.” He said and stuck his dick into her. Akane
screamed from a mixture of pleasure and pain, but Ranma only heard the
pain. He started to take it out.
“Don’t you dare remove yourself Ranma.” Akane commanded. Ranma
looked at her amazed.
“It doesn’t hurt?”
“It hurts, but it feels much to good for a little bit of pain to
make me stop.” Ranma wasn’t totally sure what to do next, but he had seen
a couple of porno flicks before so he was sure he could figure it out. He
started pumping his lower body so that his dick was slide back and forth
in Akane’s body.
Akane started to moan from the pleasure she was receiving. There
was no longer any pain now either…all of it was pleasure, the greatest
pleasure she had ever felt. She could feel her body building for it s
Ranma started to enjoy the sensation he was feeling. It was
great. He had never realized that sex with Akane would be this good. He
could feel a reaction from inside himself. He knew he was about to cum.
Ranma and Akane both came, Akane started it, and that drove Ranma
over the edge. Neither could believe how great the sensation was, and
Akane couldn’t believe she had finally cummed. After all the times she
had tried, it took sex with Ranma to cause it.
After the cumming stopped, Ranma slipped out of Akane and laid on
his back. Bother felt rather drained. Akane looked over at Ranma. He
looked as if he would fall asleep pretty soon.
“Would you like to join me?” Akane asked as she opened her bag.
Ranma looked at her and smiled.
“Anything for you Akane-chan.” He said and climbed in next to
her. The two fell asleep in each other s arms.

Akane was the first to wake up. She was holding on to Ranma, and
wasn’t thinking about last night. Only two thoughts were in her head.
“You pervert!!” She exclaimed as she punched him out of her
sleeping bag and through the side of the tent. She noticed as she did so
that he too was naked. she though when she remembered what
happened the night before. “Ranma!!” She exclaimed as she got up and ran
after him.
Ranma had woken just in time to hear “pervert” and feel Akane’s
blow. He went sailing through the tent all the way to the cold lake. He
skipped over the water five times before getting totally soaked.
Ranma-chan swum back to shore in time to see Akane run to the shore.
“Oh Ranma, I m so sorry.” She said and helped her up. Ranma-chan
noticed that Akane was naked, and she herself was too. She thought.
“Akane, last night wasn’t a dream, was it?” Ranma-chan asked
trying to be certain of all the facts.
“No, it wasn’t.”
“We really did…um…it?” Akane s reaction was not at all
expected. She smiled.
“Yes Ranma, we did.”
“You re happy about it!!” She exclaimed surprised.
“You’re not?” She asked with a touch of sadness. “You didn’t
enjoy it?”
“No I didn t…I mean I…ah… did, but um…” Akane pulled
Ranma-chan closer to her and looked into her eyes.
“Ranma, I need to know how you really feel about it. This was the
first time we ever admitted our feelings. [a pause] You weren’t lying
when you said you cared about me and our relationship, were you?”
Ranma-chan looked down at the ground. She saw a small droplet fall and
then another.
“No I didn t lie.” She replied as she looked up to see Akane s
damp cheeks. She hugged the girl who now cried out of happiness. The
pair walked back to their camp.


Closing night

Ranma and Akane sat by their campfire. The two had spent all day
sparing with each other and talking about the events of the last few
nights. Ranma had been totally shocked about Akane admiting her feelings,
and the way she had done it. Akane was surprised but happy that Ranma
admited how her felt. Together they had decided it would be a good night
for them both to consimate their relationship.
“So, how should we go about doing this?” Ranma asked.
“Um..I m not sure. I never expected to do what I did the last few
nights, it was just impulse.” She was a little red from a blush.
“Well, maybe we can *both* have fun with it tonight. We both know
we’re going to do it, so maybe we get a little creative.” Ranma sounded
good, but Akane could see by his skin color (big time blush red) that he
was still embarrassed and shy.
“Well, maybe I do have an idea.” She stated and walked to the
tent. She started to strip off her clothes as she got closer. By the
time she went inside, she was totally naked. Ranma put out the campfire
and followed her in.
Akane was laying spread eagle on her sleeping bag. Ranma looked
at her body and was instantly aroused. He crept in closer. Something
didn’t sound right.
“Akane?” He asked. There was no response. He looked at her face
and listened to her breath. As near as Ranma could tell, Akane just
couldn’t stay awake any longer. Her last few nights with almost no sleep
had finally caught up with her. As he looked at her naked body, Ranma
smiled and closed in on her unaware form. “I think I might enjoy being a
little perverted.”


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