Ranma Chan Story: "Never trust a doctor"

Ranma shifted nervously as he sat in the check-up room while wearing only a flimsy paper gown that barely covered anything.

When Doc Tofu had left there had been no one left that he could trust to look into his curse. Cologne might have had the knowledge, but he didn’t quite trust her thanks to all the amazon schemes and the mindset that seemed to have been bred into those same amazons. Happosai didn’t care about anything but groping his girl side so he wasn’t a choice either. As for the rest of the people he knew, none of them had the level of knowledge that he needed.. and even if they did they would all have been out for their own various reasons anyhow.

Then the doc had come back to town for a day to visit all of his former patients and to try and face Kasumi one last time. That had failed, unfortunately, and the doc later confided to me that he was never coming back to Nerima.

Ranma understood the poor guy’s reason, but it sucked for him. He had hoped that Tofu’d come back someday so hadn’t really looked for any other doctor.. he’d never admit to being afraid to anyone but it was highly likely that the new doctor he confided in would see his curse as their ticket to riches and fame. There was no way Ranma was going to let himself be locked up or experimented on just so some stupid doctor can get government funding.

The doc had noticed his expression and questioned him about it. When he had told the doc of his worries Tofu had flushed and said that he should have thought of that himself. Tofu had called a doctor friend of his and had set an appointment up for him that very day. It had been very difficult to make it on time without anyone knowing where he was going, but from the way he was treated by everyone when they found out about his first period he knew that he didn’t want anyone to know that he was seeing a doctor about his girl body.

He sure hoped Tofu wa as right about this doctor, but it wasn’t looking good so far. Tofu had certainly never made him take all of his clothes on and put on some flimsy paper dress. ‘This doctor is probably some kind of a pervert!’ Ranma’s mind had decided.

Just then the door opened and a woman walked in, causing Ranma to blush and try to cover himself up better than the over-sized napkin was doing.

“Relax, I’m Doctor Michiko and you must be the famous Ranma that Ono’s always bragged about.” the lady doctor said with a friendly smile. “I’ve set you up as my last appointment of the day since your situation is so different and I want to give you my full attention.”

“YOU’RE the doctor?!” Ranma blurted out in shock. He had never before heard of a doctor that was female and wasn’t exactly sure how he felt about being treated by one. At least his subconscious fear that the doctor would act like a pervert with his girl-side was relieved. She certainly wouldn’t be interested in his girl body and outside of his own mother he had never heard of a female pervert.

“That’s not a problem for you is it, Ranma?” she asked with a slight frown. “I would have thought that it would make you more comfortable actually.”

“Ah, sure, I guess it’s fine.” Ranma said while scratching the back of his head in discomfort.

“Good. Now let’s get started.. I must admit I’ve always wanted to see this change that Ono spoke of.” the woman stated with a grin as she filled up a paper cup with tap-water and handed it to Ranma.

Ranma closed his eyes so as to not see her facial expression as he poured the water over his head. Because of his eyes being closed he never saw what her reaction had been to the change but she could imagine it based upon all of the other times she first changed in front of someone.

“I can see why Ono sent you to me. Yes, you’ll do just perfectly.” the woman said sounding more husky.

The examination had gone much as normal for Ranma. There was the usual humiliating breast-check for lumps of course. And then there was the even more humiliating and invasive check for cancer within her lower body. If there was one thing that confirmed for Ranma how hideous his curse really was it was always this one exam but Tofu had assured him long ago it had to be done and reguarly to avoid problems, and it was bad enough for Ranma that he had to be cursed into a girl he didn’t want it to kill him as well.

“Ok, Ranma, we’re about done. Now, I’m afraid I’m not a master of pressure points like Ono so I can’t check your health in the same manner as him. I can help you in my own way though or Ono would never have sent you to me, but I need you to trust me or the magic won’t work. Will you trust me to treat you, Ranma?”

Ranma didn’t know what she meant but so far this new doc hadn’t been any worse than Tofu and since Tofu seemed to trust her then it made sense that Ranma could too, right? “Sure, doc, what do you need me to do?”

The woman smiled at Ranma warmly and said, “Ok then, Ranma, just lie back and relax and listen to my voice….”

“Wake up, Ranma.”

Ranma blinked up sleepily into the eyes of her doctor in confusion. ‘I must have fallen asleep..’ she thought. “Sorry about that, doc, I didn’t mean to fall asleep like that.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ranma. I’m afraid I have some bad news however.” she paused briefly then said, “I found an oddity in your curse that you are not going to like. Ono mentioned to me that you have experienced a period before, correct?”

Ranma nodded worriedly in reply.

“Ok then this may be easier on you. There is a minor infection, northing really harmful but it could have become so if I hadn’t caught it so soon. The good news is that it is treatable and should clear up with time and proper care. Now I would supply you with the ointment and application device except from what I’ve heard of your home life your privacy is very limited and due to the nature of this infestation the ointment application can be extremely embarassing. Instead I want you to come here to my office where you can be treated in the privacy of the treatment room, is that alright with you, Ranma?”

Ranma had visions of Nabiki taking pictures of her applying ointment into her body with a shudder, causing her to quickly nod her agreement. “Sure thing, doc. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤

Ranma had started to experience the infestation the doctor had spoke of an hour or two later. It had started with a slight twitch between her legs every so often but by the time for her return to the doctor’s office it had become a burning down there which only went away by rubbing the offending part against something. She had tried to get away from it by turning back to her normal male self only to find out that the pain within his groin was intense. His hand had jerked reflexively on the shower knob when the pain had hit. Luckily enough it had switched the water temperture back to cold water whereupon she had found out that the pain went away and instead became that same tingling itch, only it was now more intense. Curiously she had turned the hot water back on only this time the pain that wracked his body had been even more painful and so he had quickly reverted back to his girl body. This time the itch had come with a slight burning sensation.

Ranma had lasted until her next appointment but it was with great relief to know she was so close to having the infection treated. The nurse had told her to strip off her clothes and Ranma had quickly complied expecting to be made to wear that paper thing again. Which is why she had been so shocked when instead she had been handed instead some weird black material that was slick to the touch.

“What the heck is this?” Ranma demanded in her confusion while unconsciously rubbing herself between her legs in order to keep the burning feeling under control.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but the treatment you’ll be needing today can be messy so you need to be wearing something that can easily be cleaned off afterward.”

By then Ranma had managed to see what exactly she was holding. “I ain’t wearing this!” she yelled angrily while thinking that the doctor’s nurse must be some kind of a pervert.

The nurse had glared back at her before saying, “You will either wear that or else get dressed and leave. The doctor is too busy to be botherred with patients who refuse to cooperate.”

Ranma shuddered at the thought of leaving without treating the burn between her legs. Just as the nurse had expected, Ranma reluctantly began getting into her outfit although she felt so weird doing so. She had again balked at the footwear that the nurse had returned with for her to wear, but all it had took was a firming of the nurse’s lips and Ranma had submissively slid the boots on as well.

The nurses nodded once and rewarded Ranma with a warm smile. “Alright the doctor will take care of your needs in room five. If you’ll follow me I’ll take you to it.”

Ranma had gotten off the table only to almost stumble in the boots she wasn’t used to wearing. Paying close attention to her feet, Ranma followed the nurse out and down the corridor. They enterred the room but Ranma stopped in shock as she saw the wall of the room she was facing was mirror planed. For the first time she was able to see what she looked like to anyone and that image both shocked and embarassed her. The redhead in the mirror was wearing a PVC corset that failed to cover the breasts but instead pushed them up and displayed them. As for her most private areas, they were totally exposed, even worse they were framed as the materal slid across on both sides while leaving bare her fiery-tressed mound itself. Then there were the skin-tight thigh-high boots with their five inch heels that stretched her tendons taut and changed her stride.

Ranma’s frantic thoughts of fleeing were interrupted by a hand on her bare shoulder. Ranma turned around in fright and would have fallen from her boots if the doctor hadn’t been there to steady her. “Sorry about the outfit, Ranma. You’re the first boy under a gender curse we’ve ever had so we don’t really have anything genderless to replace the normal outfits with and in order to apply the ointment I’ll need to be able to access the infected area.”

Ranma didn’t know what to say. What the doc had said made sense, but Ranma did not like looking like this. But she trusted the doc and knew she wouldn’t lie to her so in the end she accepted it as the truth.

“Ok, Ranma, I’ll need you to walk over to the mirrored wall, bend forward and grab hold of the handrail so that I can apply the ointment in the infected areas without hurting you.” the doctor said as she walked over to a cabinet and began shuffling through it while watching to make sure that Ranma was doing as she orderred. “Good, Ranma. Now this is going to be awfully invasive and may even hurt at first but unfortunately it is the only way to apply the ointment. I’ll try to make it as enjoyable as possible for you though.”

Ranma gripped the bar tightly and closed her eyes since she didn’t want to face what was about to happen. Even the prongs used to check her down there hadn’t come with as many warnings which really made her leary of what was soon to come. She heard the doctor fiddling with something followed by a weird whirring sound coming through the mirrored wall for a moment. Her mind soon forgot about this though due to what happened next. She jerked as she felt something brushing against her down there.

The object began to spread her lips apart then slip inside her body. At that moment as she first took in the invader the burning feeling that had ruled her actions all this time finally left her and instead a feeling of euphoria causing her eyes to jerk open and she moan out in relief that only intensified as the invader spread her flesh apart like butter before it finally fully embedded itself in her body.

“Ok, Ranma, now I want you to move yourself around on this to rub it where its most needed. I’ll hold it up for you but since I don’t know what parts need it I can’t apply it in the right areas like you can. How you apply it is your own choice but most find that it helps the most to bounce their hips against it. I know you’ve never done it before but a lot of girls say its just like fucking a guy really.”

Ranma didn’t hear a word and knew even less about what was going on except that she felt so good right then. Gradually, however, the earlier heat began to return and she twitched her hips in response as she tried to bring back the good feeling. Her hips raised a little and again the relief came. But this time the duration was even shorter. She lowered herself back onto the applicator and almost moaned again in response, but soon she had to move again in order to find relief. She stared at herself in the mirrored wall and felt so humiliated at how she looked, but she needed it so bad!

She soon had a steady rhythm going as she slid herself on and off the device. One deep stroke inside her burning core of need. One upward pull to the very edge. Again spearing herself abandonly onto that wonderful hardness. In and out of her sheath slid the beatiful hard rod as her breasts heaved with the motions and her panting moans escaped. Ranma licked her lips as she passionately slammed herself onto the thing she needed so desperately. She no longer cared about how wanton she looked as she raised and lowered herself on the invader or the way her globes bounced about.

After a few minutes the doctor decided it was time and reached down to squeeze the storage sack on the device and release the rest of the liquid all at once into Ranma’s depths.

Ranma had just impaled herself again when suddenly her insides were blasted by warm gobs of fluid in hard bursts. At the sudden and unexpected feelings her body exploded in shocked response. She spasmed and clenched tightly around the hard rod thrust so deeply inside her as stars burst within her mind. Her voice called out that moment of sheer utopia before trailing off in a long, drawn-out moan of appreciation as she felt her womb being coated with the liquid now spread within her body.

Ranma came down from her high to feel the doctor rubbing her cheek affectionately. “Good girl, Ranma. You did very well for your first time. I’m afraid you need to keep that in there for a bit to keep the stuff inside you and let it work its magic. Now I need to go check on something about your treatment but I’ll be right back, ok?” she pet Ranma on the cheek once more before leaving the room.

¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤ ¤§¤

Doctor Michiko openned the door and walked inside. She turned her head and leered hungrily through the two-way mirrors at the panting redhead with a dildo still firmly in place between her legs. She thought about turning off the video camera taping the pig-tailed girl but decided to let it run in case anything else good happened. If Ranma didn’t do anything special she could always just edit out the dead tape segments anyway. And that video would only become more sellable if Ranma did anything else with that life-like simulated-cock in her. ‘It’s amazing what you can make a person do with a little hypnotism and their complete trust in you.’ she thought with an evil smirk. ‘I hope ‘she’ liked her ‘ointment’, she better have since I had to milk five stupid men to get it all for her!’

Doctor Michiko looked upon her patient, now laying down in a bed meant for OB/GYN exams, her legs displayed and open, the outfit still on, and still panting from the first application of the ointment. Ranma’s breathes were still coming in gasps, and the good doctor was ready to continue her plans. “Ranma, listen to the sound of my voice…”

It was a simple trigger, a small set of words that allowed the doctor to play Ranma under, back into a sort of standby mode.

She watched as Ranma’s eyes lost focus again, smiling to herself as she now prepared to continue with her plan. “Ranma, you will notice only what I tell you to notice, act how I tell you to act, until I say so. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.” Ranma’s voice was completely monotone.

She looked towards a door. “Come in, my son.”

The door opened, revealing a nude Ryoga, as he strode across the room, standing beside his mother. He was completely naked, revealing to her his manly body, and looking at his arch rival on the bed. “Man, she is hot, isn’t she, mama. Just like I said.”

Doctor Michiko smiled as she looked down at Ranma…the half-sibling of Ryoga. Genma had kept her on the side, promising that he would deal with Nodoka and they would be together.

Instead, he left her broke and alone with their son.

Now, would be payback time.

She positioned her son directly between Ranma’s legs, looking at him for permission to continue.

His lecherous grin was all she needed.

“Ranma, I want you to look at Ryoga.” She watched as the girl raised her head, staring at Ryoga. “From now on, whenever you see Ryoga, the itch will return. After a few minutes, the itch will grow beyond the point where you will start to feel pain in your male form. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.”

“But look at Ryoga’s waist.” She watched as Ranma angled her head down. “He has a nice applicator waiting for you, and it is filled with ointment. Don’t you want the ointment, Ranma-chan?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.”

“In fact, the longer you are around Ryoga, the stronger the desire will be to get the ointment from his applicator. And you know…it can only be applied one way.” She turned towards her son. “Ryoga, please show Ranma-chan the only way you can apply the ointment.”

Ryoga smiled as he moved forward, slipping his cock into Ranma’s wet snatch. Ah, just how imagined it. I just wish Mom would have let me do this first. I hate sloppy seconds. He slowly inserted it, feeling Ranma’s inner walls stretch, and finally hitting her cervix. Ryoga smiled as he looked down, noticing he still had a good inch left before he was buried inside Ranma. And soon, that inch will be buried in her.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Ranma-chan? Doesn’t it feel good to have the applicator buried in you again to chase away that nasty little itch?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.”

“But there is a slight problem, Ranma-chan. You see, Ryoga needs help to get the ointment out. You’ll have to help him. The best way to get the most ointment out is to let Ryoga fuck you. Not only that, but you’ll need to keep Ryoga excited, or otherwise the applicator will never release the ointment. You understand, Ranma-chan?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko. I must make the applicator happy, and to do so, I must make Ryoga happy.”

“Yes, Ranma-chan. And you know what; it excites you to have this happen. You nearly want it more than the ointment. It won’t matter if you were born a male, you will enjoy when Ryoga fucks you as a girl. As the itch grows, this desire will grow as well. You will dream about the desire, about wanting Ryoga to be taking you and helping you out with relieving the itch. If you haven’t taking care of the itch for too long, the desire will be all you can think of.”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.”

“Now, Ranma-chan, when I snap my fingers, you will feel like the itch has been upon you for hours. You need Ryoga…badly. You’ll do whatever you can to get the ointment. And how do we ensure we get the ointment?”

“We keep the applicator happy, Doctor Michiko.”

“And how do we keep the applicator happy?”

“We keep Ryoga happy, Doctor Michiko.”

“And how do we keep Ryoga happy?”

“We ensure he enjoys the process, Doctor Michiko.”

“It is fucking, Ranma-chan. You must ensure Ryoga enjoys fucking you. Can you say that?”

“I must ensure Ryoga enjoys fucking me, Doctor Michiko.”

Doctor Michiko smiled at her son, as he stood ready and wanting to fuck his half-sister.

Vengeance would be theirs.

“Now, remember, Ranma-chan, you will not notice me here. All you will notice is that the itch is incredibly strong, and you absolutely need to get Ryoga to fuck you to get the ointment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor Michiko.”

She looked towards her son, still hard and still nearly completely buried inside Ranma-chan’s snatch. “Are you ready, Ryoga?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I can’t wait to bury my rod in her completely. Oh man, this’ll be so sweet!”

Doctor Michiko smiled at how gung-ho her son was to fuck his sister. She snapped her fingers.

Ranma-chan’s body immediately began to grow hot. She could feel the itch returning as bad as ever, perhaps even worse than before the doc gave her the ointment. She felt the need to seek out more ointment, hoping for another reprieve.

As she opened her eyes, she spotted Ryoga before her…and with his applicator inside her. She knew it was an applicator, but didn’t question how she knew; only trusting that she knew it.

The problem was the Ryoga wasn’t moving, and the itch was growing. “Ryoga…man…you gotta…help me.”

“Oh, how could I help you, Ranma?” Ryoga was enjoying making Ranma work for this. He tried to keep focused on his mother’s goal, on ultimate revenge against Genma for the hell that was their life. He knew that Ranma might try and trick him into a quick fix by challenging him in some way, even if he could have thought clearly.

But with the state she was in, Ranma would have promised him children to clear her mind and body of the itch. “You…need…to…need…to…”

“Need to what, Ranma-chan? You have to tell me how I could possibly help you. You better hurry, cause I got to go soon.” With that, Ryoga slowly began to pull out of Ranma.

Ranma’s mind became frantic. The itch seemed to grow worse as she had been talking to Ryoga. And now…he was getting ready to leave. If he left, he might now be around for weeks, or longer. “Ryoga, don’t go. I need you to…”

“What, Ranma, need me to what?” He stopped withdrawing, taking the time to notice how much wetter Ranma had gotten since his mom snapped her fingers. He knew he would be truly enjoying his part of the plan.

“I…need…you…to…fuck me!” Ranma was panting now. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t look away from Ryoga. The need to remove the itch was growing stronger than he shyness about asking Ryoga to do that to her. Even as part of her mind was screaming not to, as she was a guy, that part was slowly fading.

Ryoga grinned as he slowly pushed back into Ranma, smiling as the neo-girl arched her back. “What was that, Ranma? Did you just ask me to fuck you?”

“Y…y…yes!” she cried out, shaking as Ryoga’s cock hit her cervix.

“Do you want me to fuck you like a guy would fuck a girl?”

“Yes, please.” It came out as a near whisper from Ranma.

Ryoga smiled as he pulled out a little again and pushed back in; pulling out a little more with each following question to further entice Ranma into the scenario. “But why would I do that? What would you give me?”

“Anything!” Ranma squeaked as she answered right when Ryoga hit her cervix again.

“What if I wanted you to give up all claim to Akane? Would you do that?”


He smiled. Time to add some pressure. “What if I wanted you to watch while I did this to Akane?”

Ranma was beginning to lose focus, the itch now consuming most of her thoughts. Rationality was gone as all that remained was the need to relieve the itch. “Yes, anything. Just do it, already!”

He needed to push the matter, to break Ranma further so that when the visits continued, Ranma would be more susceptible to his mother’s alterations. “What if I wanted you to force Akane to eat out your pussy while I fucked her from behind? Would you force her?”

“YES!” Ranma was lost now, needing to silence the itch.

“What if I want to watch you get fucked, Ranma? What if I want to watch Kuno fuck your pussy as you suck off your father in panda form? Would you do that for me?”

”Yes! Anything you want!”

He smiled as he asked one more thought. “What if I want you to be my personal whore? What if I want you to be willing to bend over anytime, anywhere? What if I want you to always be carrying my child? Would you do that for me, Ranma-chan?”

Doctor Michiko smiled at how well her son was doing. They both knew Ranma wouldn’t remember any of this when she left. But the damage was to plant the seeds now, and harvest them later.


He smiled as he thrust as hard as he could, having nearly been to the point of pulling out from his slow move to deepen his thrusts. He succeeded in pushing past Ranma’s cervix, and fully burying himself in Ranma.

The result was obvious to see on the neo-girl, as she arched herself, a silent scream indicating her orgasm at what had just occurred. It wouldn’t take any edge off the itch, but it would plant the seeds of change deeper.

Ryoga grunted as he felt Ranma’s inner walls massage his cock. He didn’t want to blow his load so soon; he wanted to enjoy using Ranma like the cheap whore his mother would eventually turn her into. As Ranma came down from her orgasm, Ryoga smiled. “I might hold you to that, Ranma.” With that, Ryoga renewed his assault into Ranma’s pussy, grabbing the neo-girl by her neck and pulling her up for a deep kiss.

A kiss which Ranma-chan returned.
Ryoga grunted as he felt Ranma’s inner walls massage his cock. He didn’t want to blow his load so soon; he wanted to enjoy using Ranma like the cheap whore his mother would eventually turn her into. As Ranma came down from her orgasm, Ryoga smiled. “I might hold you to that, Ranma.” With that, Ryoga renewed his assault into Ranma’s pussy, grabbing the neo-girl by her neck and pulling her up for a deep kiss.

A kiss which Ranma-chan returned.

Ranma had already justified that in her mind. She needed to get the ointment, and that would only come about if the applicator was happy. The applicator would only be happy if Ryoga was happy.

So, if Ryoga was happy and needed the kiss to stay happy, then Ranma would give him the kiss.

Ryoga gave the kiss willingly, knowing his mother had instructed him to participate fully. Part of him was disgusted that Ranma had been so easy to dupe, but another was enjoying the sensation of Ranma-chan’s tongue cleaning the roof of his mouth while his cock made its steady thrusts into Ranma’s pussy. She’s so damn tight…but I’ll loosen her up. He cast a glance over to his mother, who motioned for him to push Ranma back onto the bed. He complied, enjoying the moan he got from Ranma as he laid his hand on her breast to do it.

Doctor Michiko smiled at how well things were going. She decided to push it a little more. After all, Ranma still saw the dick of her son as an applicator, so she would still see the semen as the ointment, and not as what it truly was. She bent over to whisper into Ranma’s ear, knowing she would still react to her suggestions, but not acknowledge her presence. “I think it would really make Ryoga happy to see you play with your breasts.”

Ranma moved her hands to her breasts, kneading them as Ryoga continued to thrust into her, making them bounce uncontrollably.

Doctor Michiko continued to press. “Maybe Ryoga would like to hear you talk dirty. Maybe he would like to see your breasts made larger with milk for his children. Maybe he wants to see your stomach balloon with his k1ds.”

Ranma’s mind was hearing the suggestions, and altering her thoughts to ensure the correct response. “Well, Ryoga, with your huge dick in me, I can almost imagine the k1ds we’ll produce. I can already imagine these filling with milk, as you drink your fill until our k1ds are born.”

Ranma moaned as Ryoga’s thrusts increased. Her mind saw this as proof that such words increased the speed of receiving the ointment, so she continued. “I can feel your cock going in soooooo deep, Ryoga. Can you imagine it; can you imagine making me carry your children in my stomach?” She paused, sitting up slightly. “I would love to have you cum deep in me, my breasts swelling with milk. Make me your whore, Ryoga. Make me crave that huge cock to be always in me!”

This was too much for Ryoga, as he increased his pace, wanting to fill Ranma up.

What set them both off was when Doctor Michiko reached over and squeezed Ranma’s clit. As she burst into orgasm, so did Ryoga, thrusting deep into Ranma’s womb and filling her up.

Doctor Michiko smiled as she saw Ranma’s stomach bulge a little from the amount of cum Ryoga had just deposited in her. Another seed had been set, and soon, Ranma would be her son’s pleasure slave.

“Ranma, I want you to say how does the applicator feel.”

“It feels good and hard.”

Doctor Michiko smiled, knowing that Ryoga was still hard thanks do a drug she had him take. It was an even more potent version of the infamous Viagra, whose effect on men who don’t have such problem was that they remain hard for at least four hours, or as long they have the stamina. And with Ryoga’s toughness and stamina, she can imagine him lasting twice as long.

“Ranma, as long the applicator is hard, that means there is still more ointment. You now realize that in order to truly satiate the itch, you must get all the ointment from Ryoga. And you won’t get all the ointment until the applicator is soft and small. Of course, you know how to get the ointment.”

As soon as the doctor’s words reached her mind, Ranma realized that the itch was still there, and that was because she did not empty the applicator of all the ointment, since the applicator was still hard. And she also noticed that Ryoga was not moving anymore.

“Ryoga, please…” she whimpered.

Ryoga smirked at the sight. “Please what, Ranma?”

“Keep doing it… keep fucking me.”

“If you get naked, I will. I want to feel your whole body.”

With that Ranma tried to quickly comply with Ryoga’s wishes, divesting herself of the outfit till she was naked as Ryoga, the difficulty in being she tried to keep the “applicator” within her while doing so. Soon every inch of skin was bare, and Ryoga responded by taking the neo-girl in his arm while keeping their connection, taking a seat on one of the chairs in the room, and got the neo-girl bouncing on his cock with her back facing him while he played with her breasts and clit.

Doctor Michiko was pleased with what she saw, and left the room, allowing the cameras to record the action. Her first part of her revenge was off to a grand start. Soon, Ranma will be conditioned to be nothing more than Ryoga’s pleasure slave, a slave whose only thoughts are of pleasuring Ryoga or anyone Ryoga allows. The doctor licked her lips imagining the girl being gangbanged, with Ryoga directing the action. Of course, the girl would need to have some practice in it. That’s why the doctor was making all those videos. Give them to the right people with a message included and soon she’ll have volunteers wanting a piece of her daughter.

Of course even then her revenge was not complete. She knew that there would be those who did not desire to see Ranma live the rest of her life as her son’s personal whore, Genma especially. But she had a plan to ensure they could do nothing by messing in their personal affairs. For all the girls who were attached to Ranma, she’ll get them pregnant by having some guy knock her up. When they realize they got pregnant, honor demands they marry in order for the child to have a father, since abortion is frowned upon. Among those girls, she had a particular target, the Tendo girls. By having the Tendo girls married off, she will have Genma’s dream of uniting the Saotome and Tendo houses shattered. And the blow would be even bigger since she intended for Ryoga to be one to knock up Akane. It was no secret that Ryoga had desired youngest Tendo girl, and has often fought Ranma over her. Of course, her revenge wouldn’t end there. There was the bitch that had the audacity to call herself Ranma’s mother, not to mention claim herself as a woman of honor. Well, the doctor decided it would be devastating if the woman Genma ran away with cheated on him with his best friend Soun.

Yes, devastating indeed.

With thoughts of success in her mind, she went to her office to make a call to the Tendos, informing them that she needed to “exam” Ranma further and probably won’t be home for a couple more hours.

As the door shut, Ryoga smiled, slowing down his fucking of Ranma, until she was finally seated on his lap, his cock still buried in her. His right hand started to play with her clit while his left began to massage her exposed breasts. His mother had already stated her plans.

Now, Ryoga needed to state his.

Ranma was beginning to get frantic. The applicator was still stiff, which meant there was more ointment to get. But with Ryoga keeping her from moving, she was unable to try and get it to release. “Ryoga…”

“Ranma,” he said as he began to kiss her neck, “I want your word of honor on some things before we continue.”

“Huh?” Ranma was lost in a haze of lust, just as Ryoga wanted.

“I want you to swear on your honor that you will always be my personal whore, always ready for me to fuck whenever and wherever I want.” He picked up his intensity with his masturbation of her, smiling as he felt her pussy muscles flex. “If I want to fuck you in front of your class at Furinkan, I want you to drop your pants and present your pussy to me. If I want to watch as other people fuck you, then you will let them as I enjoy.”

Ranma could have cared less what he said, entirely focused on receiving more ointment. If that was what it took to get it, she would do so. “On my honor, whatever you say.”

He smiled as he gave a few little thrusts into her, eliciting a small moan, as he continued. “But what about when you’re male, Ranma? I wouldn’t want to fuck a guy. How will you keep your word?”

“Ranma could only spare a small amount of thought to that. “I…I’ll have to stay female.”

“All the time?” He picked up his thrusts, increasing the depth he pulled out.

“As long as it takes.”

Ryoga smiled. He had just gotten Ranma to basically forsake his male form. It would be a while before he could get her to willingly lock her form. He already knew how to do that. All he would have to do is strap Ranma down, with a clear view of him. After a few days, the itch would be so bad; her mind would basically be torn apart, ready to do whatever was necessary to cure it. He would even make certain Ranma was male, so the pain would be more intense, with only a bottle of permanence water to change form.

Yes, that would be the way to go. Then Ranma would be his; body, mind, and soul. Then they would all move, and Ryoga would have full use of his slut, even if he was forced to marry Akane.

It was doubtful that his mom could work the same wonders with her, but Ryoga could hold out hope. After all, maybe he would enjoy watching those two soon-to-be pregnant whores begging to be taken.

He leaned Ranma’s head back as he resumed fucking her hard. “Imagine it, Ranma. Imagine how much joy you will take from having my cum inside you, feeling it seeking out an egg to create our baby. That’s what you were meant for, wasn’t it, Ranma?”

“Oh God, yes!”

“And since you will always be my whore by your word of honor, maybe I should sell some time for people to fuck your holes.”

“Yes, Ryoga, whatever makes you happy.”

He stood up with her, leaning her over the bed as he resumed pounding her, seeing a little of their cum leak to the floor, but knowing so much more remained inside her. With any luck, he would be able to convince Ranma not to change before heading home. If Ranma could stay female for a long enough time…

Well, the permanence water would just seal the deal.

“Ranma, you know how I like my whores?”

“No.” She was almost there, almost ready to have another orgasm, hoping that it would settle the itch.

“I like them pregnant with my child. You know what you have to do to be a great whore to me that I like, right?”

“Yes…I…gotta…have…your…child! AAAAHHHH!”

As Ranma came, Ryoga thrust in deep, past her cervix, as he shot his final load of the day. As he came down from the high, and saw Ranma still shaking as her orgasm went multiple, he maneuvered her back into the gynecological chair, careful not to let any of his cum slip out, before slowly withdrawing his slowly deflating member. Locating a special plug his mother had left, he inserted it to keep his cum inside her, turning it on slightly to keep the redhead in a fog of lust. He finally adjusted the lower end of the bed so that her ass was raised slightly, allowing the cum to flow towards her womb.

Coming to her side, he placed his softened member near her mouth. “You better start sucking, whore! You ain’t pregnant yet.”

As he felt Ranma take his member inside her mouth and begin to clean it, he knew that things would only be getting better.
Doctor Michiko returned to see her son laid Ranma’s body down back on the bed, now facing the ceiling. The girl had a delirious look on her face. Which of course Doctor Michiko could understand, after all, she had been away for near an hour, so Ranma was most likely blessed out from the orgasms.

She was also happy to see that Ranma’s belly bulged slightly more than when she had left to make the calls.

Her son looked at her, smiling and sweating. “I think I’m about done. I just need to do one more thing for now.” He slowly pulled out, earning a tired moan from Ranma. After he withdrew, he slowly inserted the dildo that Doctor Michiko had used earlier into Ranma.

Before she could stop him, he aimed and began to push his slickened cock directly up Ranma’s ass.

Doctor Michiko ran over to Ranma, telling her she felt no pain or anything below her waist, which stopped the silent scream that had been coming from the neo-girl’s mouth. She directed a glare at Ryoga, which he shrugged at, not knowing what was wrong.

She shook her head, before telling Ranma to sleep, but to awaken only when she told her to, and even then, back into the trance.

Doctor Michiko turned to look at Ryoga, who was still pushing his cock into Ranma’s rectum. “Man, this is just as tight as—OW!”

He turned to see his mother staring at him. “What?”

“Do you have any idea what you could have done? We only conditioned her to see it as an applicator in her pussy. What you were doing would have made her see that as sex, and we’ve yet to break them down enough for that. I thought you knew this when I told you no oral sex either.”

“Um, sorry, mom.”

She shook her head. “Now I need to go in later and remove those memories, or at least add some need for them.” Doctor Michiko looked over at the girl, a weird smile still on her face. “Any particular reason why you put the dildo back in?”

Ryoga smiled. “Well, two. The first is that with it in her, her ass would be soooo much tighter. And the second…” Ryoga went and retrieved a glass of hot water and poured it on Ranma before Doctor Michiko could object.

Doctor Michiko simply stared. “She…didn’t change!”

“Yep, I learned by accident when a vet found me in my cursed form that if anything is in you that would cause an injury if you changed, it not only stops the water magnet part, but sort of locks you until it’s removed. I figure that is how cursed victims had k1ds. After all, I doubt the curse would let their be enough time between changes for an egg to fertilize.”

Doctor Michiko smiled at this. “Good, whenever you fuck her at the Tendo’s, make certain you do it in hot bath water. You can use it to humiliate her more, make her see that even Jusenkyo thinks she should be that way.” She giggled a little. “Does Ranma know this little…quirk?”

“Nope, and I plan on keeping it that way.”

“Good, now…stop trying to fit in her ass and get out of there!”

“But I’m soooo close to fitting it all inside!”

“Ryoga, how would you explain to Ranma why her ass hurts when she leaves? The pussy we can explain from the treatment, but the ass…?”


She shook her head, sitting by her desk. “This is really important, Ryoga. If you let that damn libido of yours cost us our revenge, that vet will be seeing you again, do I make myself clear?”

He nodded quickly, slowly pulling his dick out of Ranma’s formerly virgin rear exit.

She smiled at that, before walking back over to Ranma, running her hand over the distended belly. “Are you sure you don’t want her knocked up sooner? I would love to see Genma’s face when his son is expecting.”

Ryoga shook his head, having gone over to the sink to clean off his dick, noticing how red it looked. Damn, I fucked myself raw. “Nah, I’d much rather have her begging for it like a desperate slut she’ll be.” He shut off the water before walking back over, running his hand over Ranma’s breasts. “We might need to hurry a little, though. I ain’t certain how long I can hold out before seeing what her other holes feel like. I mean, I bet she’d give great head if she thought it might make the applicator shoot quicker.”

Doctor Michiko merely shook her head. Her son seemed to be thinking too often with his little head. “Just remember, I can just as easily have Ranma-kun fucking Ryoga-chan thanks to Instant Jusenkyo.” She was rewarded as he went pale, and even his hard cock deflated at that. “If you force the plans on your own, that is exactly what I’ll do.”

She turned back to Ranma, seeing the girl still asleep, waiting to be awoken and told more of what to do.

Doctor Michiko had decided that she needed to work a little into Ranma’s subconscious mind. Ranma needed to start dealing with her impending need to be Ryoga’s slut in the waking world. She also needed to make some things her son could use to further humiliate the neo-girl. She had so many options. Ben-wa balls inside her or another dildo or vibrator and Ranma would be stuck as a girl. Maybe even find ways to torture her some, like have Ryoga hold out until Ranma had completed some mundane task, like spending an hour walking around with her ass full of an enema.

Yes, she would enjoy using the girl for her plans, almost as much as Ryoga was enjoying using her as a whore.

“Undress, Ranma.”

As Ranma began to remove her wet clothes, Ryoga simply smiled. His mother had given him permission to play with Ranma now, but had forbid anal. As Ranma continued to undress, he walked over to the furo, placing his hand inside the waters to confirm they were still hot enough for him not to change. He smiled as he could imagine Ranma’s reaction to what was planned.

Noticing she was finished, but still in the trance, Ryoga circled her, admiring the body he would soon possess. He decided it was time to begin his fun. “Ranma, the itch is bad, not to mention that you are currently under the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion again. So bad, it feels like you have been staring at me for three solid days straight. Now, let’s see how far I can make you go for the ointment. Awaken!”

Ranma blinked a few times as her vision settled on Ryoga, the itch now so strong, it was all she could do not to throw him on the ground and work the ointment out of his applicator. But that would upset Ryoga, which would in turn upset the applicator and prevent her from getting the ointment. “Please…Ryoga…”

Ryoga smiled as he slowly removed his clothes, enjoying the sight of Ranma nearly bouncing out of her skin. He finally dropped his underwear, kicking it to the side as he watched Ranma’s jaw drop. “Ranma, it is very sad. Looks like you’ll need to make it happy.”

“H…how?” Her pants were coming faster, as the strength of the itch was increasing as she stared at Ryoga’s limp manhood.

“Well, you need to kiss it, suck it, and play with it inside your mouth with your tongue.” Ryoga smiled as Ranma knelt before him, her small hands lightly grabbing his manhood. “You want it happy, don’t you?”

Ranma wasted no time, drawing Ryoga’s manhood into her mouth and trying to stimulate it as best and as fast as she could. After all, the longer it took to make it happy, the longer she would have to wait to take care of the itch.

Ryoga however, was bust trying to keep the image of Happosai and Cologne fucking each other in his head to keep his manhood from growing. He wanted to enjoy this. But slowly, his manhood grew erect as Ranma’s efforts paid off.

But he knew how to extend it further. As Ranma nearly got him off, Ryoga grabbed her by her head, and began to fuck her mouth, until he shot his load down her throat, ensuring Ranma would swallow it.

As she coughed a little as he let go, she made a near silent “no” as she realized the ointment had just gone down her throat.

Ryoga had wanted it this way though. Now, when he gave Ranma some commands for interesting dreams, she would know how that would feel.

“Stand up, Ranma. Turn around, and bend over. It is time for your injection.”

Ranma did as she was told, but let the sadness show on her face. She would have to wait longer for the ointment now. She sighed out loud as she felt Ryoga insert the applicator inside her, knowing it meant that the itch would soon be soothed.

Ryoga smiled at how accepting Ranma was becoming lately. He lifted her up, having Ranma turn her head and deliver a kiss as Ryoga walked into the waters of the furo. As he released the kiss, he lowered both so that Ranma was on her hands and knees in the hot water. As long as Ryoga’s dick stayed slightly inside her vagina, she would stay female.

Ranma missed this at first, enjoying the dual sensation of Ryoga’s applicator in her and the hot water lapping at her clit. As realization dawned on her that she should have turned male, she turned her head to ask Ryoga, when he grabbed her hair and bent over her, forcing her to see her own reflection in the steamy waters.

“You see, Ranma? Even Jusenkyo recognizes that you’re my slut, my whore. It won’t let you change back as long as I need you. It even knows that all you are is what you are now, and refuses to hide that anymore.” He slowly began to saw out of the girl, enjoying the mixture of emotions playing out on Ranma’s face. He began to slap her ass. “What are you, Ranma?”

“I…I’m a slut.” Ranma stared at her reflection as Ryoga started to pound her harder.

”You are my what, Ranma.”

”I am your whore.” Part of the programming was kicking in as she remembered being told that if she talked dirty, it would help speed up the release of the ointment.

Ryoga smiled, remembering to continue the plan his mother had made for when this encounter began. He knew if he didn’t follow it to the letter, she would use Instant Jusenkyo on him and have Ranma return the favor. “And what if I wanted to fuck you in the ass at dinner while the Tendos watched, while your own parents watched?”

Ranma moaned as she felt an orgasm begin. “I would remove my clothes and present myself for you. I would tell them it is my job to be ready for you, no matter what you request.” After that, she let a silent scream as Ryoga made her climax.

Ryoga smiled as he continued to fuck her, only his earlier climax keeping him from joining her. He had planned on having Ranma dream tonight of such an event, with the experience now adding to the realism. “What about your male form, Ranma. Do you think I should lock your curse?”

Ranma barely had the strength to keep her head out of the water after starting to come down from the climax. Her breathe was still ragged. “That…is for you…to decide.”

Ryoga wrapped his hands around her breasts, squeezing them as he pulled Ranma to his chest. “So if I offered you a bottle of locking water fresh from the Musk, and told you to pour it over yourself as proof that you would always be mine…”

“I would do so without hesitation.”

Ryoga smiled as he picked up his pace, knowing full well that Ranma would say that. He almost wished he did have that water, but to pour it now would have other effects, and his mother would surely make him pay for such. Besides, it was better if Ranma was unlocked, as they could make her hate her male form to the point where she would try and seek it out herself. That would give much more power to that action when they finally made off with Genma’s retirement.

He began to move one hand to her clit, knowing he needed to give her another mind-numbing climax. He began to whisper into her ear. “Maybe this is the time that does it, Ranma. Maybe this is the time that will give you my child. Do you want that, Ranma?”

“Yes! Yes! YES!” she screamed as she came, Ryoga pinching her clit and shoving into her as far as he could as he came as well.

The orgasm intensified as Ranma felt her womb get splashed with the ointment, her mind imagining it was Ryoga’s sperm and that she could feel them looking for an egg to fertilize.

Ryoga released a loud sign as he looked at Ranma, now leaning over the side of the furo so as not to drown. “Return to the waiting state, slave.” With those words, the contentment passed from Ranma’s eyes as she entered the hypnotic state again.

Ryoga slowly pulled out, enjoying the sensation of being in Ranma. He knew he would have to be gone for a few days to maintain the appearance of his directional curse, as well as wait until Ranma’s next appointment to really have some fun.

As he withdrew, he saw the Jusenkyo curse reassert itself as his sperm was forced into the water as Ranma’s pussy became a dick. He pushed the pigtailed martial artists out of the furo, watching as he rolled onto the floor.

Ryoga exited the hot bath, draining the water before anyone would see it and get any ideas. “Ranma, after you wake up, you will clean the furo thoroughly to clean up any trace of what we did. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ryoga.”

Ryoga hated hearing him in his male voice, but he needed to hurry before someone else might catch them. He had no idea how much longer he would have before Nabiki came home, as she would want some things to blackmail Ranma with, and this would provide a good opportunity. “Also, the itch will be gone and resume the rules set by Doctor Michiko. Also, what we did and what I suggested will slowly filter into your dreams. You will conclude that they are fantasies, and begin to dwell on them in the waking world that maybe this is what you really want. Understood?”

“Yes, Ryoga.”

“Good, now I am leaving. I want you to count to one hundred, and then come out of the trance, remembering nothing consciously about what has just happened. Understood?” He didn’t want to leave again, but he needed to hurry, and knew the count would allow him to get far enough away to be safe.

“Yes, Ryoga.”

He finished dressing as he stood in the window. “Begin.” With that, Ryoga launched himself out and began to head home to the clinic.

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